Wake Forest Baptist Health Urology Named InterStim Center of Excellence for Overactive Bladder Care

March 15, 2021

Wake Forest Baptist Health Urology has been named an InterStim Center of Excellence, making it one of a few in the country to earn this prestigious designation for treating overactive bladder and incontinence.

The InterStim Center of Excellence, awarded by Medtronic, recognizes physicians who demonstrate exemplary use of the InterStim System and a commitment to patient care for those suffering from symptoms associated with overactive bladder, accidental bowel leakage and urinary incontinence. As many as 30 percent of men and 40 percent of women in the United States live with overactive bladder symptoms, according to the Urology Care Foundation.

Robert J. Evans, MD, a board certified urologist and professor of urology and obstetrics and gynecology, is one of a few urologists in the state to offer and implant the MRI compatible InterStim neuromodulation lead. Evans has also been named the Interstitial Cystitis /Bladder Pain Syndrome Doctor of the Year for the last seven years, based on world-wide polls of interstitial cystitis patients.

InterStim Therapy, also known as sacral neuromodulation, uses an implantable device to send mild electrical impulses to stimulate the sacral nerves. Those nerves control the bladder and the muscles related to urinary and bowel function.

The Center of Excellence designation is awarded based on several criteria, including:

  • Exemplary use of the InterStim system
  • Commitment to patient care for those suffering from symptoms associated with overactive bladder and fecal incontinence who have not received relief with other treatments
  • Established care plan that outlines treatment
  • Board certified physicians certified in urology, obstetrics, gynecology or urogynecology

Wake Forest Baptist’s section on urology is a major referral center that brings together the best of patient and family-centered care and research, offering expertise and the latest in diagnostic techniques and treatments for kidney stones, urologic care, incontinence, pelvic pain, congenital abnormalities and men’s health issues.

Media Contact: Bonnie Davis, bdavis@wakehealth.edu; 336-713-1597