Research Support for Wake Forest University School of Medicine Reaches $94.5 million

October 10, 2000

Outside support for Wake Forest University School of Medicine - mostly for research and related activities - increased by 7.6 percent in the fiscal year that ended June 30, reaching $94.5 million.

The surge was led by the Department of Public Health Sciences, where research support jumped from $13.9 million to $21.3 million.

Total outside support increased $6.6 million from last year''s total of $87.8 million. Outside funding is up more than 28 percent from $73.8 million just two years ago, continuing a sharp upward trend that began more than a decade ago. The totals are for all outside funding, including research, demonstration and service projects, research fellowships, and institutional grants.

When research projects alone are considered, total funding went from more than $77.9 million to $85.1 million. (Just 10 years ago, funding for research projects was $35.6 million.)

"The faculty and staff of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine are a tremendous source of talent that provides for creative scientific advances that set the stage for improved health and a better quality of life," said Jay.Moskowitz, Ph.D., senior associate dean, science and technology. "Each grant awarded is another step to improving the human condition. We are proud of the progress being made by each individual scientific investigative team."

The biggest increase in the fiscal year came in federal research grants, up from $55 million to $62.2 million. Federal grants accounted for 73 percent of all research grants, followed by industrial and commercial grants, 19 percent, and voluntary health agencies and foundations, 7.4 percent.

While the state provides a limited amount of research support, most state support is channeled into demonstration and service projects, such as pediatric specialty clinics and the Northwest Area Health Education Center.

Besides Public Health Sciences, other leading medical school departments in outside support included Physiology and Pharmacology, $10.3 million; Internal Medicine, $9.1 million; Pathology (including Comparative Medicine) $8.9 million; Neurology, $5.4 million; Surgical Sciences, $4.8 million; and Pediatrics, $4.7 million.


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