Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Lexington Medical Center Announces Winner of 2024 Kenneth M. Petersen Memorial Award

July 9, 2024

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Lexington Medical Center announced this year’s recipient of the Kenneth M. Petersen, M.D. Memorial Award. The 2024 winner is Sheila Crumb, chief certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA).

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Lexington Medical Center Announces Winner of 2024 Kenneth M. Petersen Memorial Award.Criteria for the Kenneth Petersen M.D. Memorial Award was developed by the Lexington Medical Center Medical Executive Committee after the untimely loss of Dr. Petersen in November 2010. The award was created in his memory to honor a Lexington Medical Center employee annually. Criteria includes dedication to the hospital, dedication to one’s position, respect from peers and volunteer service in the community. 

“Sheila is extremely dedicated to our patients and to our staff and she has provided safe and high quality anesthesia care as a CRNA for nearly 20 years and as chief CRNA for the past 10 years,” said Dr. Dale Williams, chief medical officer at Lexington Medical Center. “She provides invaluable leadership, always finds a way to make us stronger and fosters a great atmosphere that enables our teammates to thrive.”

Staff members said, “Sheila arrives at Lexington Medical Center well before her shift starts and always makes herself available to her staff even when on vacation. Sheila greets her staff each morning with a willingness to help prepare and start surgical cases.  When providing anesthesia in the operating room, she keeps the room running efficiently without any anesthesia delays.”

Hospital leaders praised Crumb for always prioritizing the needs of others and dedicating herself to their care. She has been known to personally work extra shifts to allow teammates to take vacation time when the schedule is tight.  

Crumb’s peers said, “We cannot state this enough – Sheila is highly regarded by the perioperative staff, anesthesia providers (both physicians and CRNAs), surgeons, hospital administration and ancillary people throughout the hospital. She is upfront and honest and executes her role with equal parts of fairness and thoughtfulness. For many of us CRNAs, she is by far the best chief CRNA we have ever had. Even though she is an excellent administrator, she is an even better clinician and is always willing to jump in and staff the operating room or provide breaks.”

Crumb has been a strong proponent for teaching at Lexington Medical Center. She has been an advocate for Wake Forest University School of Medicine nurse anesthesia students and has grown the clinical site to become one of the most desired, with students participating year-round. She has championed for observational experiences for local high school students and for registered nurses interested in a career in anesthesia. Crumb has worked with the local community college to help provide airway opportunities for paramedic students. She has volunteered her own time for many charitable causes and is very active in her church’s charities. Crumb has served in the U.S. Army in both active duty and reserve capacities.

The Kenneth M. Petersen Award was presented to Crumb by Dr. Dale Williams, chief medical officer. She was recognized with a personal certificate and her name has been added to the Petersen Memorial Award Board that is displayed at the medical center. Crumb joins 13 other winners from over the years.