Brenner Children’s Introduces New Critical Care Ambulance

April 24, 2018

A customized ambulance that transports infants and children in need of critical care is the newest addition to the transport program at Brenner Children’s Hospital, part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

The new pediatric transport ambulance, which is replacing Brenner Children’s existing critical care vehicle, is equipped with power-loading stretchers, four-wheel drive and can simultaneously transport newborn twins.

Colorful and playful images of Brenner Children’s furry mascots —Brenn, Belle and Beau— decorate the ambulance’s exterior. The interior has a television and toys to help children remain calm while being transported. 

“The Brenner Children’s transport team played a large part in the design of this new ambulance. These highly trained individuals are dedicated to improving outcomes for critically ill newborn and pediatric patients,” said Alisa Starbuck, D.N.P., vice president, Women's and Children's Health Services, and executive director at Brenner Children’s Hospital. “Our new pediatric ambulance will offer advanced care for children who need to be transported to Brenner Children’s.”

Brenner Children’s ambulance carries two stretchers which can be loaded from the side or the rear of the vehicle. One stretcher is fitted with a neonatal intensive care isolette (a secure and temperature-controlled enclosure for newborns) while the other is designed to transport a pediatric patient.

In cases of newborn twins who require transport to the specialized care available at Brenner Children’s, the team can utilize two isolettes so both babies can be transported together.

The ambulance’s power-loading stretchers provide increased safety in the loading and unloading processes and the four-wheel drive capabilities permit safer operation in adverse weather conditions and remote areas.

The transport team consists of a Brenner Children’s critical care transport nurse, a respiratory therapist and an emergency medical technician. The new ambulance is currently being fitted with additional equipment and will be put in service as early as next week. Once up and running, it will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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