Wake Forest School of Medicine Student and Spouse Return from Kenya Mission Trip in Time for Valentine's Day

February 14, 2017

Evan and Emily Moon are proud of their love story. After meeting at a Colorado hospital where they both worked as nurses, they soon became best friends. That friendship led to marriage and eventually to Wake Forest School of Medicine. Evan graduated from the school’s Nurse Anesthesia Program in 2016, and Emily will graduate from the program in August.

Continuing a School of Medicine tradition of service to others, the couple has just returned from a mission trip to Kenya where they cared for people who do not have regular access to quality health care.

By providing anesthesia, they allowed Kenyans to receive much-needed surgery and medical procedures that would otherwise not be possible.

Emily says the experience will help her in her future career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist by allowing her to experience a diverse and global culture and population, while also giving her experience with medications and medical conditions that are uncommon in the United States.

“One of the reasons I chose to come to Wake Forest School of Medicine was their involvement with global health,” Emily said. “I knew they were so proactive in sending their students all over the world on mission trips, and I’m so glad that Evan and I were able to be a part of that.”

Evan says the experience has given him a fresh perspective as he provides anesthesia to patients from diverse backgrounds here in the Triad.

“I have a passion for helping out other human beings around the world,” Evan said. “The opportunity to experience the difference in how anesthesia is delivered in a third-world country, while serving others in need, with my wife by my side, is a win-win all around.”

The nurse anesthesia program, which began in 1942, has a rich history of outreach and service – both locally, and globally.

“Our students all complete some form of service learning,” said Michael Rieker, D.N.P., C.R.N.A., director of the Wake Forest School of Medicine Nurse Anesthesia Program. “Evan and Emily embody our vision of producing graduates who understand their greater role in the world, beyond just providing anesthesia in hospitals.”

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