Wake Forest Innovations and Novarus Healthcare to Develop Mobile Apps and Other Web-Based Tools to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs

July 23, 2013

Wake Forest Innovations, the commercialization arm of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and Novarus Healthcare in Charlotte have signed a collaboration agreement to develop mobile apps and other web-based tools. The tools will be designed to help patients maintain or improve their health, including the management of chronic medical conditions. The broad-based agreement covers joint development and commercialization of products for use in medical centers, including Wake Forest Baptist.

Some of the new apps and tools will help physicians and nurses improve patient care while reducing costs. Other tools allow patients to understand better the essentials of their care, such as their medication regimens. 

“Medical practitioners want to connect with their patients in their homes, particularly before a patient enters the hospital," says Eric Tomlinson, DSc, PhD, chief innovation officer of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and president of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. “These easy-to-use tools will provide them with an effective way to do that.”

In a second aspect of the partnership, Wake Forest Innovations and Novarus Healthcare will collaborate to commercialize certain intellectual property of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Wake Forest University. “Our researchers are performing cutting-edge research in a number of areas. Much of this research can be supplemented with associated products. The development and commercialization of novel interactive tools that aid in the provision of health care is central to the mission of Wake Forest Innovations,” Tomlinson says.
“We look forward to helping Wake Forest develop and market their proprietary health care apps and other web-based tools so that others can benefit from their knowledge and protocols,” says Tom Hearn, managing principal of Novarus Healthcare. “An innovative protocol that speeds patient care in a critical situation, for example, could be turned into an app for other hospitals or outpatient centers to use. We also intend to bring to Wake Forest Innovations ideas for making health care more accessible and affordable that we are looking to develop.”

Novarus Healthcare develops 21st century handheld app solutions to old and new health care challenges. Its platforms, strategies, and tools connect patients with providers, physicians to physicians, and patients with new capabilities.

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