New Book Stresses Natural Approach to Mental Health

March 23, 2010

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A new book by a nationally renowned Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center pediatrician and director of the Center for Integrative Medicine offers natural, practical, common-sense and safe approaches for mental and emotional health.

Mental Health, Naturally: The Family Guide to Holistic Care for a Healthy Mind and Body (American Academy of Pediatrics) by Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., M.P.H., is a comprehensive guide for those who seek natural methods of treatment to attain optimal mental and physical health for themselves and their families.

Kemper, the Caryl J. Guth Chair for Holistic and Integrative Medicine and professor of pediatrics, public health sciences, and family and community medicine at Wake Forest Baptist, is considered a leading international authority on complementary therapies for children.

Using up-to-date research, examples and a practical approach for individuals and families, Mental Health, Naturally provides an overview of mental health conditions, outlines specific strategies for improving mental health, and offers detailed approaches for those suffering from conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, stress and substance abuse.

Kemper covers fundamental techniques to support mental health, such as maintaining proper nutrition, rest and exercise, while also detailing stress-management practices and methods such as meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage and chiropractic and osteopathic therapies. A chapter on advocacy and a section with action plans and additional resources also are provided.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of the e-newsletter “Youthful Aging,” calls Mental Health, Naturally, “a best buy, 621 pages of non-prescription therapies for mental well-being! Here are practical, common-sense and safe approaches for mental, emotional and ultimately physical problems. Essential for every parent and grandparent.” In an online review this week, Publishers Weekly said, “For those investigating alternative medicine for mental health, this makes an informative and reliable resource.”

Kemper is also the author of The Holistic Pediatrician, considered an important resource for health care practitioners, medical educators and families.

Review copies: To request a copy to write a review of Mental Health, Naturally, contact Kathy Juhl at the American Academy of Pediatrics or (847) 434-7392.Supplies are limited.

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