Brenner Children’s Hospital Offers Healthy Tips for Halloween

October 9, 2007

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids, but kids and adults can often be tempted to overindulge. To ensure children have a healthy holiday, Brenner Children’s Hospital offers the following tips:
“Halloween only comes once a year, but steering children in a positive direction and away from unhealthful patterns anytime of the year is always good,” said Stacy Kolbash, a registered dietitian with Brenner Children’s Hospital. “For healthier treat options think ‘mini’.” Kolbash recommends:
• Mini bags of microwavable popcorn
• Mini bags of pretzels
• Mini bags of peanuts
• Small box of dried fruit
• Mini bag of baby carrots
• Pack of sugar free gum

“If you simply cannot celebrate the holiday without chocolate, be sure to make smarter choices,” Kolbash said. “For example, choose a mini dark chocolate bar with nuts that offers an antioxidant boost. But remember, your treat does not have to be edible. Research shows that children will choose a toy as often as they do candy, when presented with a choice.”
Ideas include:
• Stickers
• Spider rings
• Halloween pencil/notepad
• Small yo-yo
• Halloween shaped erasers/toys

For your own Trick-or-Treaters, be sure they have a balanced dinner before leaving the house and have healthy snacks and water available after the event, Kolbash said. “Ration their treats and encourage them to brush their teeth often.”
Have a safe and happy Halloween!
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