“Living Waiting Room” at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

April 25, 2005

WHAT: “Living Waiting Room”
A mock “living waiting room” will represent the approximately 2,619
North Carolinians who are currently on the National Transplant Waiting List.
Sponsored by Carolina Donor Services, this public event is designed to show
these numbers as real people living in limbo. Volunteers will populate the waiting
room to represent those awaiting transplant.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 27
8am – 4pm

WHERE: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
North Tower Lobby

Media Contacts: Jonnie Rohrer, jrohrer@wfubmc.edu ; Shannon Koontz, shkoontz@wfubmc.edu, or Karen Richardson, krchrdsn@wfubmc.edu, at 336-716-4587.

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