Media Disaster Plan at the Medical Center

June 4, 2004

Friday, June 04, 2004

An incident is in progress that may result in treatment of a large number of patients at the Medical Center. Here are some general instructions for the media:

• The main number for Public Relations and Marketing, 336-716-4587, will be staffed around the clock until the incident is determined to be over.

• Media should go to the Teleconference Center on the first floor of the MRI building, across from the Medical Center's main entrance. Park in the MRI parking lot.

• Do not go to the emergency department area. That area will be restricted to ambulances, police and other official vehicles.

• A staff member from Public Relations and Marketing is assigned to the disaster command center and will be relaying the latest information to the media center and to our offices. During the incident, only staff members of Public Relations and Marketing will be authorized to talk to you.

• Once the worst of the crisis has passed, key physicians will be available to answer your questions.


Contact: Karen Richardson, Jonnie Rohrer or Mark Wright at (336) 716-4587

Media Relations