The Medical Center Provides Exhibition Space and Opportunity for Enrichment Center Artists

September 26, 2000

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and the Enrichment Center have partnered to provide permanent exhibition space for Enrichment Center artists. The space will be housed in the present Penthouse Gallery of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The public is invited to attend the opening reception on Wednesday, Oct. 4 in the Penthouse Cafeteria of Reynolds Tower at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Opening remarks will begin at 3:15 p.m.

Richard H. Dean, M.D., director of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and Sandy Seeber, director of the Enrichment Center are scheduled to speak.

The new permanent gallery space offers a place for visual artists of the Enrichment Center to exhibit and potentially sell their works, which in some cases is the artists'' only source of income. The exhibition will feature the work of several artists. New works by Enrichment Center artists will be exhibited on a bimonthly basis. Most of the work is two-dimensional and created with acrylic paint. Some featured artists have had their work appear in exhibitions throughout the community.

The Enrichment Center is a non-profit United Way agency that provides day services for adults with developmental disabilities and mental retardation as well as mental illness and traumatic brain injury. The center''s visual arts program is not art therapy. It provides a means of income and expression to individuals who have not been exposed to art. An annual art auction featuring work by the center''s participants makes it possible for them to be accepted into the arts community, not as "artists with disabilities," but as creative, talented people.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center is committed to cooperating with the community, region, and nation through active participation in efforts to improve the health and well being of the community. The Medical Center is pleased to be able to partner with the Enrichment Center in an effort to illuminate the connection between the arts and health.

The Enrichment Center permanent exhibit space in the Penthouse Gallery was made possible in part by the Visual and Performing Arts Committee of the Medical Center. The Visual and Performing Arts Program was established at the Medical Center in 1994 to provide entertaining and inspirational programs and exhibits for Medical Center patients, visitors and employees.


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