Volunteers Donate Hundreds of Items to Brenner Babies

February 16, 2000

Two years ago, Laura Reavis gave birth two months prematurely to a 3 pounds, seven ounce girl. While the child was perfectly developed, her tiny size required her to stay in the hospital two weeks in order to gain some weight.

"When I took her home, she wore a doll''s dress because I couldn''t find any clothing small enough to fit," said Reavis. "Even that dress had to hemmed!"

Reavis said her difficulty in finding clothing, blankets and hats tiny enough to fit her daughter inspired her to create a program to help other parents of premature babies. Her Web site, "Teeny Tiny Treasures," gives visitors instructions on how to donate clothing to premature babies at Forsyth Memorial Hospital and Brenner Children''s Hospital at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. She and other volunteers collect and deliver the items monthly to the hospitals'' neonatal intensive care units.

"We''re delighted and amazed at the hundreds of items Laura and her volunteers have delivered to our families of premature babies," said clinical nurse manager Linda Brooks, RN. This month, they delivered 49 blankets, 27 hats, 25 stuffed animals and other items to Brenner."

In addition to keeping the babies warm, Reavis believes the colorful hats and outfits help parents of premature babies bond with the infants by covering up some of the tubes and monitoring devices used to deliver lifesaving care.

"It''s not as scary for mom and dad if some of those devices are hidden," said Reavis, who operates the charity from her home in North Wilkesboro.

Her Web site located at www.geocities.com/Heartland/Farm/5115/index.html, suggests needed items, gives washing instructions and offers patterns for people who wish to crochet items for the babies. Reavis can be contacted at the site, by e-mail at jodyr@abts.net, or by phone at 336/838-4452.


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