Memory Study Underway at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

August 24, 1999

If your memory isn''t what it used to be, you may be eligible for a new study at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center looking at exercise and memory training as treatments for forgetfulness.

The study is looking for volunteers age 60 and over who have memory problems and don''t get regular exercise. Participants cannot have a diagnosis of dementia or stroke or take medicine for memory. Eligible volunteers will receive free testing to determine if they have memory problems.

Participants will be involved in one or more of the following: an aerobic walking program, memory skills training or a reading group to learn about memory improvement. The exercise walking program will begin at the Wake Forest University gym, but can be completed at home. The walking program will include lectures on health topics.

For more information, call Stacey Gibson at 716-4543.


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