Visitor Information Helps You Go Where You Need To Go and Find Out What You Need To Know

February 26, 1999

With maps and photos to guide you around the Medical Center to a list of important telephone numbers to help you find information, the Visitor Information section of our web site is a helpful tool for planning your visit to the Medical Center Maps lead you to The Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital Medical Center. Photos of building models give you perspective.

  • Twin Patient/Visitor Parking Decks offer shuttle tram service and a nearby entrance to the Clinical Sciences Building. For a patient drop-off point and valet parking, drive to the main entrance.

  • Find your way to the department you need in the Medical Center with maps and photos or written directions.

  • The Medical Center offers emergency transport by AirCare helicopter (1-800-336-6224 in North Carolina; 1-800-468-6247 outside North Carolina) and Infant Transport Ambulances (1-800-277-7 654). See Emergency Transport.

  • Dial (336) 716-2011 for hospital directory assistance. See Important Phone Numbers.

  • For lodging, The Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center at 420 High Street offers special discount rates for Medical Center patients, families and guests. Other accommodations include Brookst own Inn, Comfort Inn - Cloverdale, Ronald McDonald House and Host Homes.

  • The Bayberry Restaurant at The Hawthorne Inn and several locations in the Medical Center offer pleasant and convenient In close driving distance lies a variety of fast-food and traditional restaurants.

  • Old Salem, a restored historic town founded by German Moravians in 1766, is open to visitors. (336) 721-7300. See Community.

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